Turn and Face the Strange…Ch Ch Changes

Turn and Face the Strange…Ch Ch Changes

We recently added a new member to the family…a 2 year old “lab mix” that we lovingly named Hank Williams. Hank Williams was an unadoptable shelter pet… a nefarious breed..a big black dog… clearly had some dog fights under his belt judging from his gnawed ears and facial scars. He quickly became a beloved family member though. He loves the little kids….can’t wait for the big kids to get home…is gentle with the blind diabetic dog in liver failure and thinks the cats make great nap buddies. Other than his noxious gas…he’s damn near perfect.

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Now if only our house was perfect for dogs. When we first moved in we had no little kids and an old obedient dog so not having a fenced yard posed no problems. We put in an electric fence and ol’ Scout had no issues. The kids were old enough not to require constant supervision. Then we had a great idea to add more kids…at 39 and 41. Trying to chase the 2 year old while 8 months pregnant was fun. Now we have a dog that we aren’t sure an electric fence will contain. A little foresight would’ve come in handy!


We also bought a house with carpet in the main living areas. I’ve never been a fan of carpet but thought we could live with it for a while. Adding two kids to an expensive group of teens meant no extra funds for hardwood flooring and plenty of new opportunities for stains. Hank Williams came with a nasty case of kennel cough and the antibiotics messed with his stomach…so 4 upset stomach episodes later, I think we may have a new stain.

A dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more than it loves itself.

Thankfully the snow is melting….unfortunately that means perpetual muddy streaks in the kitchen . I run the steam mop to keep things liveable but what I wouldnt give for a mudroom of some sort!

hank 1

So adding  a new dog got me thinking of all the ways I could make the home more dog friendly…so maybe I could talk my husband into another dog!! Hank Williams and I made a pinterest board. Enjoy!


Hank WIlliams pinterest board

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